Original Art Dolls



It is the desire of the artist, Alice Leverett, to create what would be clearly classified as an art doll: "Art" being defined as an aesthetically pleasing and meaningful arrangement of elements, sounds, colors and shapes created by one individual, and "Doll" being a plaything, something to play with, encouraging imaginative interaction, made to resemble the human figure.


About the Artist


Alice Leverett began her doll making career in 1980, creating cloth dolls, then porcelain reproductions, and finally, original art dolls around 1987. Her reproduction dolls were meticulously researched and dressed in "period" costumes, whetting her interest in historic authenticity. The first of her original creations were porcelain 1800's fashion ladies on European style bodies. Soon thereafter, 1989, she began to design the "Forever Children, " a series of limited edition dolls with a contemporary look. Each doll was composed of a thirteen piece all porcelain body, twelve inches tall, in a trunk, with a wardrobe. In 1992 Alice designed Genevieve, complete with an extensive wardrobe, and the first in the series "A Reflection of Elegance." While researching costumes for this series, the artist began to discover bits and pieces of journal entries written by various nineteenth century women who had worn those earlier fashions. From this grew a passion to learn more about the actual lives of real women from by-gone eras, resulting in the series, "Windows in Time." This series is a collection of portraits of some of those women. Both, "A Reflection of Elegance" and "Windows in Time" series, consisted of a 17 1/2" jointed, seventeen piece all porcelain body, capable of free stance.

In the spring of 1999, Alice began to work with resin as a new medium. After much trial and error and experimentation, a collection entitled "From My Victorian Garden."was created from "Porcelite", an exceptionally fine medium. The dolls in this series feature a posable 11 piece body, mohair wig, painted eyes and costuming of the finest fabrics.

The newest series, the "Petite Portraits" series and the "Lasting Impressions" series, are designed on 20 piece bodies, enabling fluid posability. "Petite Portraits" are studies of certain women from past eras, with appropriate, authentic costuming reflective of their life style. "Lasting Impressions" is a collection of artistic interpretations of women from specific eras.  As with all of the dolls offered by Alice Leverett Originals, these dolls are made solely by the artist herself.


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